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Ça commence sec avec la déformation de l'info scientifique dans la presse. Les conseils aux journalistes, de la chercheuse Estelle Dumas-Mallet : être moins catégoriques quand on annonce une découverte #IMGS6
Elle souligne que parfois, l'info est survendue dès le communiqué de presse ! La solution d'après elle : former les chercheurs à la vulgarisation #IMGS6
Par visioconf, Thomas Huchon (journaliste, Spicee) est invité comme "praticien de la fake news". Le ton est donné :P #IMGS6
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Starting on the show from the 10th. It begins with an "Op ed" from the NYT. I found no other copy online. HInt: this isn't about the piece, it's about a "go signal" in an effort to muddy the elections in favor of the Dems. Expect more, much more over the next couple of months.
Props for trying though... Notice how quickly it died. "These people are stupid!"
Turns out the piece is 100% plagiarized from a college kid's submitted essay. If you haven't read it yet, I highly encourage you to pull up that BuzzFeed article... it's a satirical take on the op-ed.
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. @ICICIBank_Care is one of the worst phone banking service there exists. #FAIL
Please note that this is for a corporate credit card (wonder what happens to consumer...thank god we don’t have that from Icici) took me 6 times calls , 4 times circling on IVR almost each time and reach the right person after begging one of them!! cc @ICICIBank_Care
But even now im not sure if I will get my corporate credit card as this is my 2nd attempt of doing all this dance with @ICICIBank_Care #fail
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Leonard Leo picked Kavanaugh.
Leonard Leo is a member of the Council for National Policy.
Wanna know some other members? Kellyanne Conway, Steve Bannon, Wayne LaPierre, David Keene, Ken Blackwell, Erik Prince's Mom, David Bossie (Citizens United) etc etc.
They. Are. Dominionists.
Leonard Leo. CNP. Federalist Society. Theocracy.
Fuck off, Dominionists.
Y'all knew the culture and electoral system wouldn't get you there.
So you bought a whole buncha judgeships.
Well, #FAIL.
We see you trying to subvert democratic norms, you idiots.
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New #QAnon Thread


These people are stupid.
Their attempts will FAIL.

#QArmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #FridayFeeIing #FridayMotivation @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
Responses from the board to Q post 2105 regarding the fake chat logs Posobiec falsely reported about in an attempt to discredit #QAnon. #FAIL

#QArmy #MAGA #WWG1WGA #Trump #potus #PatriotsFight #FridayFeeling @realDonaldTrump @POTUS
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Others are quoting more salacious bits, but don’t miss this from Woodward’s book:

“One month into his presidency, Trump asked...for a plan for a preemptive military strike on North Korea”

One. Month.

I have no doubt Trump *wants* to use nuclear weapons.…
Tbh, I don’t understand all the “WOW!” and “Explosive!” and “OMG!” reactions to this piece that I’m seeing on my feed.

The descriptions within it of Trump’s behavior and mentality confirm what has been evident from the outside looking in since Trump’s campaign.

He. Is. Unfit.
As Trump perceives himself to be betrayed and/or abandoned, he will only become *more* dangerous.

Re-upping my thread from October 2016 detailing the unparalleled danger someone with malignant narcissism like Trump poses to the world:

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Dear #hospitals:

Your discharge planning sets #patients up for failure. How? Let me explain (again, & again, & again). #PtExp #PtSafety #PtEng #EHR #interoperability #PatientAdvocacy #medtwitter #GMDD #hcldr

Photo Credit: Rob Potter (Unsplash)
1)Follow up appts, essential to a patient’s health & recovery, are listed as part of the discharge summary. These appts are recommended to be scheduled within 7-10 days. To be best prepared, patients need their records. #healthcare #PtExp #PtSafety #PtEng #EHR #GMDD #medtwitter
2)All records from a patient's hospital admission should be AUTOMATICALLY sent to every listed follow-up physician. Hospitals, you know which drs patients need to see; it’s listed in the discharge plans. This step needs to be embedded in the workflow #PtExp #EHR #interoperability
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Not weird at all..

This is textbook execution of a PM between asset and handler

Since there is no known comm barrier, no need for c/o to bring in a linguist

Oh there will be plenty of record, as venue will be 'prepped' well in advance.
You'd have to be incredibly stupid and or desperate to walk into that room alone.
Putin is a Counterintelligence Agent from the Cold War era how also happens to be leader of our nation's primary geopolitical rival..Trump on the other hand is a mental midget who can easily be manipulated..who also worships Putin..'alone time" can be disastrous to the US!!!
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Quand Beaumarchais débarque à Londres, en ce mois d’avril 1775, il ne vient clairement pas faire du tourisme : d’une part, ses démêlés judiciaires lui donnent quelques raisons de s’éloigner mais surtout, il est en mission secrète pour Louis XVI. #Thread
Il faut dire ici qu’en plus de sa carrière littéraire, le Pierre-Augustin est aussi espion : depuis un an, il est agent du Secret du Roy, organisation ultraconfidentielle mise sur pied par Louis XV et qui n’avait de comptes à rendre qu’à lui-même.
Or, outre le Royaume et ledit service secret, Louis XVI a hérité de son prédécesseur d’un emmerdement de classe internationale qui, justement, se trouve à Londres : il s’agit de Charles Geneviève Louis Auguste André Timothée d'Éon de Beaumont — a.k.a. le Chevalier d’Éon.
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Ok, I want to build a simple product this week and launch it. I am thinking of a bot that pushes a commit to a stupid repository on GitHub everyday in order to make it green in the span of a year.
I have to find out first if it is possible to create through official APIs and whatnot. Let's see...
Ok so I had a look, it can be done. You can create a repo and create a commit programmatically through the official API. So far so good.
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Three commonly held but untrue views seem to nicely summarize this "report":
1. Selling your goods below cost is a success strategy
2. Being "big" means you cannot be disrupted
3. Government wants to save us from "market power"
#1 only produces a return if one can then raise prices and still sell big volumes *and* no one else can enter the market. How can firms "protect" their staked-out market space? Without government privilege there's only one way: by offering goods of higher quality at lower prices.
So to be successful, either the firm produces better goods or they're more efficient (lower cost). Neither is much of a problem for consumers. And if they charge prices above what consumers think it's worth, both the good itself and the purchasing power of their money, they fail.
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... high resolution image ~…
... oops, no Twitter f#cked that one up like Mastodon.… - GitHub knows the drill.
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Incoming transmission: #StupidGate thread...mostly looking at Manafort and Gates, their legal troubles, the Mueller investigation, and their Russia/Ukraine dealings.

(Original research done by reddit user PoppinKREAM, commentary and organization are mine).

Manafort first started working for Putin via Russian Oligarch Oleg Deripaska back in 2006.

This was halfway through Putin's first term. And US/Russia relations were...strained.


Also in 2006, it is TOTALLY NOT SUSPICIOUS that Manafort bought a ton of real estate in New York in cash.


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Live tweeting the #ZuckerRoast right now.😎

#Zuckerberg literally looks like he's going to PUKE‼️🤢🤮

GOP Sen Thune is reading a prepared statement👉🏼basically says that #Facebook's proposed changes are TOTAL BUNKUM. They will only serve to INCREASE PROFITS for Facebook.

Says that social media companies CANNOT self-regulate. DUH!🙄
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THREAD: breakdown of the juicy bits in Mueller’s “Sentencing Memorandum” of convicted felon attorney, Alex van der Zwaan‼️ 1/

Reminder: the disgraced former Skadden lawyer, Alex van der Zwaan pleaded GUILTY to lying to the Feds (a felony) and he also DESTROYED & failed to produce requested documents.🤨

And van der Zwaan is a LAWYER, so he *knew* his actus were ILLEGAL‼️ 2/

van der Zwaan LIED & tried to cover up CRIMINAL acts by Manafort & Gates (money laundering, #FARA violations, etc) relating to their unreported work as foreign agents for Ukraine, specifically regarding Yulia Tymoshenko.🤔 3/
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Morning all. Court starts at 10 this morning with some housekeeping. Check back in around 10:30 for an update.
Housekeeping over. Government forced to “unreservedly apologise” for blowing court deadlines before hearing. Court currently considering sanctioning Government.
We’re back: Court orders Government to pay @libertyhq’s costs as consequence of blowing pre-hearing deadlines. The theme of Govt thinking rules don’t apply to them, and the Court needing to remind that they do, guaranteed to resurface later today.
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Paris, 12ème arrondissement, 17h45.
Je remonte la rue sur un double sens cyclable, le repas du soir dans le panier du @Velib.
À hauteur d’une école primaire, l’attroupement habituel d’adultes venant chercher les enfants au centre de loisirs de la mairie de @Paris. ⤵️
Comme d’habitude, des autos stationnées en plein sur le contre sens cyclable. #OrdinaryVélotaf

Mais j’aperçois un monsieur piéton, sur la chaussée, en train de vilipender la conductrice d’un des véhicules stationnés.
Ça m’intéresse !
Réflexe cycliste, je me range sur le DSC derrière la 3ème bagnole arrêtée et je m’apprête à savourer.
(En fait, je m’attend à ce qu’il lui fasse remarquer qu’elle est parquée en plein sur mon itinéraire cyclable) #Egocentrique
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Bonjour Twitter :)
Après le fil d'hier chargé en émotions (merci pour vos retours <3), aujourd'hui je vous parle de mes débuts dans la communication scientifique ! Du LOL en barre en perspective ;)
Mon premier contact avec la #comsci a été dans l'événementiel. Pendant ma 1ère année de Master en physique, j'ai eu l'honneur de présider l'association étudiante d'astronomie de mon campus, l'ineffable @AssoALCOR !
Les joyeux drilles d'@AssoALCOR organisent régulièrement des soirées d'observation astronomique quand la météo d'île de France le permet, grâce à la coupole généreusement prêtée par l'@IASorsay. Ils organisent aussi des conférences publiques sur l'astro !
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LT procès du grand criminel rouennais, c'est parti
Actuellement un mec passe pour un grand excès de vitesse son avocate essaye de lui éviter un retrait de permis de 4 mois #levolantestunedrogue
#fail il prend 4 mois et 450€ d'amende
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1/ RIOT: Russian Influence Ops on Twitter. You're staring into the abyss...
2/ ...and Kremlin-oriented Twitter networks think you'll like it better once you start falling.
3/ You just need a little nudge. They can help with that. #caring
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