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1/ THREAD (Click on "Show this thread") Here is a revised Ultimate Presidential Candidates List for 10/6/18. Major changes at Tier One. Kamala Harris moves into first, followed by Cory Booker as a running mate. Joe Biden moves from first to third followed by Michael Avenatti.
2/ Bernie Sanders remains first on Tier Two, but is considered weak as a primary contender. Eric Swalwell stays at second while Deval Patrick and Adam Schiff switch places based on Schiff's high profile stance against Kavanaugh (i.e., Schiff moves up on spot).
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1/ In designing our Government, our founders did everything they could to prevent 1-Party control. 1-Party control of our Government is not compatible with our Constitution.
#resist #theresistance #bluewave #msnbc #amjoy @docrocktex26…
2/ Had our founders decided on 1-Party rule, they could have saved time by establishing a monarchy, a dictatorship, or a corporate-government.
#resist #theresistance #bluewave #msnbc #amjoy…
3/ Today we are poised to confirm a man in Brett Kavanaugh to the highest court in the land, which is our last line of defense against 1-Party control of our government.
#resist #theresistance #bluewave #msnbc #amjoy…
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🚨Please read these & follow @jennycohn1 for how the GOP intends to cheat

Don’t make the mistake thinking they won’t try

It’s the only way they’ll win...

That means they’ll definitely try.

Our Democracy May literally depend on me.
#TheResistance #Bluewave2018
Make sure every candidate knows what they can do to safeguard their election NOW while there is still time.

If you can’t count on the law to enforce the rules...count on yourself. 🦅🇺🇸🤜🤛🇺🇸🦅
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Longggg Thread?

Random word fun while comfortably numb

All the things you denied w All the things you denied were ever happening
are now falling at your feet in piles and heaps
You said it wasn’t & isn’t true
what was being pushed from the wave to the left of you,
Everyday you exclaimed fake news fake news!
But now whatever shall you say?
Children ripped from mothers arms because of the color of their skin & land of origin...
taken in their sleep to bathe in gas like the boy in striped pajamas again

You justified it...

Beautiful brown skin harassed & murdered by all the angry white skin
for simply being
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Rage, Rage, Against the Dying of the Dream
We’re witnessing the rage of “the American Left against the Trump Admin and the president, an explosion of frustrated, impotent (but still dangerous) anger that has given up all pretense of genuine protest—against the results of a duly constituted American election... “
“Let us remember—and has devolved instead into a toddler’s extended tantrum. It bears the hallmarks of one of the most unseemly displays in American political history.”
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Kurt Schlichter - Hollywood Can’t (Won’t) Make Awesome Movies Anymore…
“Forget movies that challenge the status quo by violating our elite’s delicate sensibilities and myriad taboos. Count out Blazing Saddles.”
“It’s perhaps the most powerful attack on the utter stupidity of racism ever put on film, but the snowflakes would melt and besides, as the New York Times demonstrated by hiring bigoted no-talent Sarah Jeong, today’s elite is actively pro-racism.”
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Tragically what the #CorruptGOP doesn't seem to get is that because they are not dealing in facts, & they are propagating falsehoods to their base, an entire generation of Republican voters, workers, apparachik's at every level; the U.S.A. loses ultimately. There are
People basing real decisions, at real jobs- both public & private sector-on false information. We have the most powerful military, biggest Economy, in the most industrialized nation in the world making Domestic & Foreign Policy based on fasle information.
This can & will end only one of two ways. Either we reverse course before catastrophic consequence or we experience what could be the most catastrophic multi-national event that has occurred since WW2 & the most grave consequences since our Nation's inception nearly 300 yrs ago.
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The Circus of Resistance
“Cory Booker played Spartacus, but could not even get the script right as he claimed to be bravely releasing classified information that was already declassified. I cannot remember another example of a senator who wanted to break the law but could not figure out how to do it.”
“Elizabeth Warren, who still insists she is Native American, called for the president to be removed by invoking the 25th Amendment. Apparently fabricating an ethnic identity is sane, and getting out of the Iran deal & Paris Climate Accord is insanity and grounds for removal.”
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What I tweeted about earlier. This tweet from Rick Scott keeps appearing in my feed because someone likes it. Look who liked this and their profile. Look at the bio description #TheResistance. I never followed this account. I am now following it.
This is the 5th time that Rick Scott tweet appeared in my feed today. For months I told you guys about these fake #Resistance & #FBR lists. For months I kept warning you guys about how there was something not right about those threads and to be on the lookout for them.
This is why I kept saying to keep me off these lists. Was I following accounts back in the beginning, yes. Until I saw the pattern of bots and trolls many months ago. Then I started calling it out. How many of you guys followed these accounts back as well & kept doing it?
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✅ VOTES NO on Kavanaugh
✅ Mainers for Accountable Leadership funds her future opponent

Pledge to help get Collins out of office in 2020 if she doesn’t stand with constituents;
Please RT 🖲…
Who says the GOP doesn’t care about women?

Chill the hysteria ladies!

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse (NE) is here to mansplain: Women’s Concerns About Losing Their Constitutional #ReproRights are just “HYSTERIA”…
The Grotesque Decency of Brett Kavanaugh’s Confirmation Hearings
▪️Everything’s Fine
▪️Except Democrats who’ve descended into “mob rule”
▪️Democrats obstruct
▪️Stop squawking about documents
| Slate…
#HystericalDemocrats 👈🏼
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I challenge every member of #TheResistance to spend at least one third of their social media time in the coming days actively fighting the illegitimate nomination of #BrettKavanaugh to #SCOTUS by the Unindicted Co-conspirator In Chief.


There are many valuable ways you can do this. Here are a few:

1. Tweet every US Senator expressing your belief that this nominee should not be confirmed.

2. Amplify any compelling #StopKavanagh tweets that come into your feed by retweeting them. Bookmark the the best.

3. Use the hashtags #StopKavanaugh and #NoKavanaugh inside all political and #Resist tweets.

4. Identify and expose bots and trolls you find attempting to promote pro-Kavanaugh propaganda by using one of these sites

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If I hear one more hot take proclaiming John McCain's funeral as some kind of sharpened Sword of Damocles over Trump's presidency, I'm going to lose it. It was not a Cabinet Meeting of #TheResistance - it was a gathering of people who let America slip through their hands. THREAD
Yeah, Barack was a glass of water in the desert. And yes, Meghan McCain gave a eulogy anyone would be lucky to get from their kid, including a good uppercut on her father's principle antagonist. A memorable and potent - but not revolutionary - moment.
But so many people in that room have allowed Trump to happen. McCain's body hasn't even cooled and Lindsey Graham is a full-on Fox News toadie for the Combover-in-Chief. John Bolton is still dangerous and still at large in the Oval Office.
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Sometimes I think the only question that matters is how does any adult convince themselves that it is ok to be a(n) racist, sexist, agist, homophobe, abuser, liar, hater, elitist, rapist, etc?

We currently have an epidemic of these afflictions so it merits some thought...

The truth is everytime someone displays the hate, they are showing you how wounded they are. It does not excuse their choices to act out the hate.

But realizing they are wounded can help to prevent you from taking on their anger and hate.

To create a fertile ground for hate one simply has to make resources scarce and convince one group that another group has taken what should be theirs.

To make resources scarce just funnel a higher percentage of total wealth to the top and let the bottom 90% fight it out

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#TheResistance lights this candle in honor of the life of John McCain!

He modeled for all of us how doing the right thing can be the greatest form of resistance.

The crews of the Stafleet and Rebel Scum invite you to light a candle, share a story. Bid him farewell!
Our deepest condolences to his family,colleague and lthosecwuth whom he crossed paths. May time provide the healing and see it through to strength.
All the crews wiithin the resistance let us come together this night to honor this hero who persisted through is POW

Please reply with your salute to John MCain!
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Trump is directly implicated!

@NBCNews now reporting that Cohen plea says Trump was directly coordinating with Cohen for these illegal payments to Trump's unprotected sex partners while he was married to @FLOTUS

This is HUGE!

Looking for more on this.

This is PROOF Trump campaign "won" by cheating and defrauding the American voters.

The entire election is tainted.

Election fraud ... Trump is not legitimate and we've known from day one

More journalists reporting that Cohen directly says Trump knew of criminal campaign activity ... paying off Trump's unprotected sex partners to get an advantage in an election without reporting the payments
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On 8/18/1920, the 19th Amendment of The United States Constitution was ratified, giving women the Constitutional Right to vote.

Our fight for women’s rights was born when 240 women in Seneca Falls, NY met and organized at the first Women’s Rights Convention in the United States on July 19, 1848.
Little did these women of the 1800’s and early 1900’s know that their movement would empower women to seek positions in the fields from which they had been isolated, or that people of color would win their right to vote in 1965.…
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I normally hate this #TrumpRussia infighting bs, because I feel like #TheResistance should be more united, and I know I’m going to lose this battle - but I think we would all be better off if we blocked Avenetti and stopped pretending he is a legitimate presidential candidate.
I agree with him that the Dems should stop playing nice, and I think he is doing some good things, but he’s trying to promote infighting and for that, we should #UnfollowAvenetti
Hell, @SethAbramson annoys the shit out of me but I’m not calling for people to boycott him because he does help the cause. Avenetti just seems like a glory hog.
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#TheResistance version of #Freepress:*Subject to terms and conditions, some restrictions may apply.

[Publish Hillary's own words, proof of corruption or US war crimes, and we will call for your death].…
That ^ article was written when Assange could at least defend himself on Twitter by compiling said death threats, calling out the lies etc.
Now, the smarmy cowards are getting away with it.

They don't want #freepress, they want freedom from criticism.
Which, surprise, is the utter opposite of freedom of the press and speech.
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After Nov 8, 2016
I thought we'd ALL band together with 1 common goal:

Defeat @realDonaldTrump

Fight his fascist agenda

Remain United States of America

Regardless of ideology

Country before party

Found that in #TheResistance
We ALL Resist different
At times disagree

Before 2016, I wasn't active on Twitter.
Like many of us, alarmed by what I was witnessing little by little I got more involved.
Learned about politics, Congress, Senate, Laws.
If you asked me 4 yrs ago I wouldn't be able to tell ya who represents each state.
I know by heart now.
Once tRump took over on Jan 20, 2017 I got more involved & Summer of last year I met many amazing Resistance brothers & sisters who are family to me til this day.
I created support rooms & joined candidate rooms to help amplify their campaign.
I run across amazing people daily.
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Pay attention to talk like this, folks. Birthright citizenship, the veritable bedrock of our country, affects every single person born in this country.

Every. Single. One.

Mess with that, and any of us can be rendered non-citizens. Stateless.
Defacto non-entities in the country of our birth. Stripped of our rights: to live, work, seek an education, vote. People born here could be "deported" to the country of their parents birth. Or their grandparents.

Or rounded up, expelled from certain areas, put in camps. Two black-clad goons, labeled ICE, drag away Lady Liberty, saying:
It's been done before.
By the American government.
Just ask Japanese-Americans.

And, of course, there are other examples. Just ask the Jews of WW2 Europe. If you can find any.

The world has been here before.
Have we learned from the horrors of our past? Must we repeat them? I can't keep calm, I'm a history teacher.
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1/ From 'The Dworkin Report' as published by Grant Stern: "Scott asked Rosie O’Donnell why she’s bussing 55 Broadway stars to Washington, D.C. for tonight’s protest at the Kremlin Annex, formerly known as the White House. They plan to perform songs for protesters demanding the
2/"President’s resignation, to remind them why America is worth fighting for because “there will be a long healing process after the next election.” Her wise words explain why #TheResistance needs to make a massive showing at the polls in November, and why Americans who’ve been
3/"abused and lied to by Trump need to be given another chance to embrace democracy." ~8/6/18
Thanks @grantstern @funder @Rosie64765003 #TuesdayThoughts #VoteThemOut
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2. A fundamental principle of the common law is that votes can be declared void for substantial irregularity. If irregularity affects the result of an election it is by itself enough to compel the tribunal to declare the election void.
3. The result doesn't need to be affected. Only a ‘substantial departure’ from the rules, or the election being ‘conducted so badly that it was not substantially in accordance with the law’ is needed to void the ballot.
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