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Remember when Trump diverted $10 Million from FEMA to create more immigrant detention centers? He needed one person in the House to approve this, and that one person was Rep. Yoder of #KS03. Pls donate to @sharicedavids to flip #KS03! #FlipTheHouse… 1/
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Here are the races I'm watching especially closely in November. Please share yours too. I may add them to my list! Thanks.

@TonyEvers v. Scott Walker (Koch-funded, anti-LGBTQ) for Wisconsin governor.

@IronStache v. Bryan Steill for #WI01 1/
@AndrewGillum v. Ron DeSantis ("Let's not monkey it up") for Florida governor

@SenBillNelson v. current governor Rick Scott (Koch-funded, notorious polluter) for U.S. senator from Florida 2/
@SenatorKelly (Laura Kelly) v. Kris Kobach (master vote suppressor, crosscheck mastermind, voter suppression commission) for Kansas governor.

@ShariceDavids v. Kevin Yoder (Yoder is the House member who approved Trump's diversion of FEMA $$$ 2 detention centers) for #KS03 3/
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As Green Day once sang: “Do You Know Your Enemy?”

If not, we need to have a talk about the Congressional Leadership Fund (@CLFSuperPac).

THEY ARE THE ENEMY of the 2018 Midterm Elections and they WILL cost us seats IF we let them.
The CLF is a right-wing SuperPAC spearheaded by Paul Ryan. It’s goal is to lie about and smear as many Democratic candidates as possible.

They have raised more than $100Million from billionaires looking to keep the GOP in power.…
Back in May, Paul Ryan personally solicited billionaire Sheldon Adelson for $30Million for the CLF. He made the pitch and then walked out of the room so that someone else could make the actual “ask”, in order to avoid campaign finance violations.…
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CNN Key Race move 14 seats:

11 to Dems
3 to Rs

Currently 11 seats held/vacated by Rs, CNN rate lean Dem or better, Dem party about halfway to 23 needed to win control of the House

30 districts are Toss-Ups
28 belong to Rs
Hillary won 12 of them in 2016
#CA45 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#CA50 Race moves from Solid Republican to Likely Republican

#IA04 Race moves from Solid Republican to Likely Republican

#KS02 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#KS03 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up
#KY06 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#NJ03 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#OH01 Race moves from Lean Republican to Toss-Up

#OH12 Race moves from Toss-Up to Lean Republican

#OH14 Race moves from Likely Republican to Lean Republican
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Here's your Democratic Candidates for #Midterms2018!
THREAD of all Dem Candidates for Congress, Governor, SoS & AG
with photos, Twitter & Websites.
AND Voter Info links to Registration, Absentee, ID, Poll Worker
#KS01 #KS02 #KS03 #KS04
#VoteBlue #VoteBlueKS
Check Registration:…
Register online, by mail, fax, or in person at #KS county election offices or local KS DMV office.
Register to vote online (valid ID):…
Printable application:…
Democratic Candidate for Kansas #KS01
District 1

Alan LaPolice
Ex-Public School Dist. Supt., Teacher, Gulf War Veteran

vs GOP Incumbent Roger "Doc" Marshall (R)

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#OH12 left us with a cliffhanger. We all worked so hard to give @dannyoconnor1 an outright win. Yes it's a steep climb, but it could still happen. Either way, we did good!

But let's not overlook the OTHER good House news from last night.
In "Toss-up" #MI08 Democratic primary voters OUT-VOTED Republican primary voters.

Democrat Elissa Slotkin (@ElissaSlotkin) is going to FLIP this seat right out from under incumbent GOP Rep. Mike Bishop.

But only if we help her right now.

Register. Vote. DONATE. Volunteer.
In "Toss-up" open seat #MI11, Democratic primary voters OUT-VOTED Republican primary voters.

But Democrat Haley Stevens (@HaleyLive) needs to hit the ground running if we want to FLIP this seat.

So let's get started.

Register. Vote. DONATE. Volunteer.
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How dumb do folk like @ChrisLHayes look? You made a big deal of #Ocasio supporting Bernie-Backed candidates. Yesterday, Chris Hayes said twice #ElSayed had earned the backing of Bernie but the front runner was #Whitmer who had been in politics for a while, "the Establishment".
@ChrisLHayes even had the gall to have El-Sayed on his show on Monday. What possessed him to do such a thing. What narrative was he trying to set? Come on, it wasn't even close. He got walloped.
The press fawned over #Ocasio who won a low turnout primary in a district where the demographics mean she should've won. She thought she had some magic juice to sprinkle & took her ass to campaign with a man, instead of being humble & working on her race. He got whooped.
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And #KS03 is still undecided!!!!!
#BrentWelder is ahead, but #ShariceDavids is closing the gap!
Johnson county is a must-win.
6% difference between #BrentWelder and #ShariceDavids. #TomNiermann has conceded.
Welder has to get to 50%
He's at 39, Davids is at 33, Niermann at 14.8 and the other Dems at 13.5 combined.
Johnson county is key.
#ShariceDavids is climbing in the vote count. She's narrowed the gap to 5%. The vote difference is currently 1,500 votes between her and #BrentWelder.
40% of the votes have been counted.
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Early results have @sharicedavids leading
with 33% in #KS03.
New results have Welder moving ahead of Davids in #KS03.
But still only one precinct reporting. Results were delayed because folks were still in line an hour later than the polls were scheduled to close.
This #KS03 will be long because of early balloting.
As much, if not more, of a nail-biter than #OH12.
Keep thinking #FlipItFemale!
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When you #VOTE remember Puerto Rico 🇵🇷

🔹Remember their fear & their tears
🔹Remember Trump ignored them
🔹Remember the GOP agreed
#GlovesOff #ksleg #KS03

We need to add making Puerto Rico a state to our TO DO LIST!
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Yesterday, you took @BlueWaveCS🌊 candidate @DMMD4TNCongress from 2.3k to 3k followers! 🤯


#WednesdayWisdom #COTD @sharicedavids is running in #KS03.

She's at 12.9k followers.
Think we can get her to 13.1k?❤️
.@BlueWaveCS' #WednesdayWisdom #COTD is @sharicedavids (#KS03).

Trump has repeatedly tried to push her opponent, Kevin Yoder, from his Twitter account.

If you want to stick it to Trump, rage donate to @sharicedavids with me:


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Do you have enough info about #KS03 as a district and about the 5 candidates to have an informed opinion about who the best candidate is? Have you ever been there? Talked to locals about the issues that matter to them?
If you don’t know a district that well, maybe stay out of its primaries?
Pretty sure I got it wrong and there are 6 candidates.
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I was going to go out for dinner somewhere but I think I'm just gonna eat in & send that money to support @sharicedavids

Women are the heart of the #BlueWave and Davis is fighting for a very flippable #KS03 seat.

For blue staters, these are the kinds of races we can impact.
We're all spread thin and all have bills, bills and more bills but we've got one shot to put our best candidates forward and then support their runs.

I'd rather skip a treat tonight than lose my appetite when the results role in on Election Night in Nov.

Maybe we could even make this a thing.

There's a whole lot of stuff we could probably do without in life without feeling major pain.

Skipping Starbucks some morn ain't a life changer but 100,000 $5 donations could truly impact several small races.

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1. At @DemsWork4USA we are supportive of progressive candidates that win their districts. We are supportive of @Ocasio2018 - she is positioned to win a highly blue community and we're excited for the impact she can make in her district. That impact matters.
2. Using that win to advocate for candidates that are unsuited for their districts is not a strategically sound tactic. Pro-Bernie pacs may be pushing her in this direction, but it isn't advisable for the district or for her and her constituents.
3. Pre-election, she should be laser focused on her constituents and their particular issues. She's not a pawn nor symbol -- nor should she wish to be. Anyone who truly cares about flipping seats in conservative districts should not be making this a referendum on Bernie.
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You need to register by JULY 17th
to be able to VOTE in your AUGUST 7th #PrimaryElection!

Below is a THREAD of all Democratic Candidates for Congress, Governor, Sos & AG & Voter Info with links.
This link includes State Candidates…

Check Registration:…
Register online, by mail, fax, or in person at #KS county election offices or local KS DMV office.
Register to vote online (valid ID):…
Printable application:…
Any registered Kansas voter may apply for an absentee ballot & vote by mail with current KS driver’s license number. Apply by Friday before election. Return by 7pm on Election Day
You can find a list of acceptable forms of ID at
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The new updated Blue list of Dem candidates running everywhere for everything:
Updated 7/6/18
Omar Vaid
Muslim-American union worker & dog dad of two rescues. Democrat running for Congress in NY-11 contributor:
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Do you have a favorite Democratic candidate (at any level)? Tag them in a reply and urge them to contribute to #DemHub. There are no strings. No fees. We created this to help amplify Democratic voices. Period.

See thread for published pieces from Dems!
By @jillschill, nominee for US Congress in #OH02:…
By @ShariceDavids, candidate for US Congress in #KS03:…
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